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Mike Leeke's CADRE

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Welcome to, home of the Amazing Liberteens. Sometimes, tyranny needs a punch in the mouth, these heroes are just the young people for the job.

Make Amazing Liberteens a regular stop to follow the exploits of the Amazing Liberteens, Warrior Son, Anarchia, and other heroes in irregularly updated web comics and online fiction. And stay tuned for a new hero!


3/03/23 - Our first 40 page full color comic Temerarious Tales crowd funds on Indiegogo Saturday March 4th!

9/09/16 - We've come full circle to our original domain name. Welcome back to

3/27/13 - Time flies! Welcome back to

7/24/06 - The full roster of the CADRE is finally posted!

6/13/06 - JUNE 14TH signing at Liberty Books and Comics in College Park, MD from 1:30 p.m. to close.



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